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I'm interested in many subjects in the world and in art, so my artistic reserve is large: mysterious empty landscapes, funny illustrations, impressionistic works full of bright colors reduced to minimalism.

Minimalism appeals to me, the desire for simplification through clear, symmetrical, simple forms and signs. I want art to be perceived by the viewer as a pure object that can stimulate the viewer to think and ito bring him to inner dialogue. It is also important to me to leave a special impression of the visible world in my work and to express strong feelings.

To do this, I use bright colors in my impressionistic works - often directly from the tube, without mixing them with strong strokes on the canvas. In my compositions, the intrinsic value of the color and the power of the light are at the center of the work. In addition to line, color and surface, movement is also a fundamental compositional element in my art.


"Natalia Alf's paintings express tenderness, delicacy and charm of nature with its delicate dawn, loveliness and mistery. Her quiet and meditative landscapes plunge into luminous deep of enviroment bringing the elements of nature in one hamonious unity.Her flowers paintings are remarkable for their freshness and  spots of color wearing unique beauty and  harmony at once.The special drawings are illustrations perfectly shaped like hand-drawn pictures without preliminary drawings without a pencil!" 

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Natalia Alf

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