Natalia Alf Profilbild 6.jpg

I love art ... love to paint in Plein Air, looking for interesting motifs

... where there is a lot of light and warmth, where there is something special ... I am looking for simple things with their originality, simplicity and beauty....

Dostoewsky said:" Beauty saves the world! "


born 1979 in Ekaterinburg, Russia

grew up in a family of artists, painter Vasily Schadrin and Anatoly Schadrin Painting

visited Art School in  Russia.

Language Studies in English and German in Ekaterinburg, Russia

 2000 moved to Germany

Since 2008 Intensive Seminars in Acrylic and Oil Painting in Germany and Russia

Study "Professional Painting", SGD , Darmstadt, Germany

2015 Painting Lessons with the Russian painter Sacharov,

Vechaslav Korolenkov in Moscow 2017

Advanced Training in Oil Painting at the Bad Kohlgrub Art Academy

2020 Nominated Artig ART Preis, Kempten Germany

2021 BRONZE AWARD"Flower", Camelback Gallery

Exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Italy